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Byron Richardson's 1948 Chrysler Windsor Luxury Brougham

Byron Richardson's 1948 Chrysler Windsor is a rare two-door sedan, also known as the Luxury Brougham. Only 4,034 of these were produced between 1946 and 1948. That compares to 4,182 Travelers and 3,994 6-cylinder Town and Country's. To put those figures in perspective, over 160,000 4-door sedans were produced in the same time period. The Windsor series was the high-end version of Chrysler's 6-cylinder offerings, with luxury on par with the 8-cylinder New Yorkers. The Windsor features included two-tone wool upholstery, a carpeted front compartment, electric clock, and a rear seat folding arm on the sedans. (The Royal was the entry-level version of the 6-cylinder cars.) Byron's car is also equipped with glass-bulb automatic battery fillers, which was an uncommon MOPAR accessory. The car was originally painted Regal Maroon but has since been painted a deep blue. To his credit, and as you can see from the photos, Byron drives this car - even in the rain.

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